Academic Planning Resources

General Resources

Data, Academic Planning and Institutional Research (DAPIR) provides a breadth of data resources designed to help schools/colleges, departments, and programs with their program planning activities. This webpage is designed to highlight the most frequently accessed and pertinent resources.

DAPIR builds many of these resources in Tableau, a data visualization tool allowing users to interact with data through dynamic and interactive dashboards, graphs, maps, etc. Most Tableau visualizations require VPN authentication or campus internet for access. Access may be limited depending on the type of data included in the visualization.

Academic Planning KnowledgeBase: How-to putting academic planning and policy into practice.

Academic Structure: A Tableau visualization with UW-Madison’s governance-approved academic structure, including subjects, plans and subplans, and departments.

Course Catalog: A Tableau visualization with all active courses approved by the University Curriculum.

Data Digest: Provides comprehensive quantitative information on the major dimensions of the university, including students, faculty, staff, and budget.

Enrollment: Enrollment trends and topics related to enrollments, advising, and general education requirements.

Lumen Knowledgebase: How-to implement academic planning and policies in Lumen.

Lumen Tools: A Tableau visualization with information about current activity in the Lumen.

RADAR: A one-stop, central portal for exploring and locating dashboards and reports that span curricular, faculty and staff, finance, research, and student data. Select “Academic Planning” from the drop-down in the Data Domain field.

Student Learning Assessment Plan Repository: A Google Drive folder with program assessment plans.

Program Planning Resources

Assessment Report Status Tracker: A Google sheet with the current submission status of each program’s annual assessment report.

CIP Code Assignments for UW-Madison’s Academic Program Array: A Tableau visualization with the Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code assignments for degree and certificate programs at UW-Madison.

Graduate Data Explorer: A Tableau visualization with information about student admissions, enrollment, funding, degrees, program completion, and career outcomes for the UW–Madison Graduate School.

Graduate School Data Requests KnowledgeBase: Features a variety of data resources and tools useful for academic analysis, planning, and assessment.

Lumen Tools: Program Proposals: A Tableau visualization with all program proposals currently in progress and filters related to the program owner, the type of proposal, and where it is in the governance approval and publication process.

Lumen Tools: Lumen/Guide Roles Directory: A Tableau visualization with a filterable list of all workflow roles and their members for Lumen and Guide.

Program Review Status Tracker: A Google sheet with the current status of program review, searchable by school/college, department, program, and/or review status.

Lumen Tools: Red Box Report: A Tableau visualization with courses identified as requiring attention in Lumen Programs.

Trends in Student Enrollments: Headcounts of Enrolled Students: A Tableau visualization with student enrollments in majors, named options, certificates, and doctoral minors.

Undergraduate Time to Degree: Assortment of Tableau visualizations related to undergraduate time degree.

UW System Academic Majors: A Tableau visualization with information on all academic majors offered at the UW institutions and their mode of delivery, suspension status, and changes over time.

Course Planning Resources

Building Requisites Knowledgebase: Guidance on how-to write requisites.

Course Proposal Sample Syllabus Requirements Knowledgebase: Guidance on how to structure a sample syllabus for governance review.

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring: A resource for instructors when considering course design.

Course Analysis: Analyses and reports related to instruction and the curriculum.

Course Catalog: Number of Years Since Course was Last Taught: A Tableau visualization with course information and when it was last taught.

Course Catalog: Course Learning Outcomes: A Tableau visualization with all course learning outcomes entered in Lumen Courses, to date.

Course Credit Information Required for Syllabi: Ways to describe how a course can meet the Credit Hour Policy.

Course Enrollments for Students in Service-Based Pricing Programs: A Tableau visualization with the enrollments of students in service-based pricing programs used for ensuring students enroll in the correct courses, validate enrollment related to course sharing agreements, and support financial compensation when students take courses outside their prescribed curriculum where no agreements exist.

Course Grade Distribution: A Tableau visualization with distribution of final grades by course and section over the last five years.

Courses Completed by Bachelor’s Degree Recipients: A Tableau visualization with information about the courses completed by bachelor’s degree recipients in the last five years.

General Education Analyses: A list of historical analyses related to General Education courses.

Institutional Plan for Assessing Student Learning: Institutional principles for assessing and improving student learning.

Lumen Tools: Course Proposals: A Tableau visualization with current course proposals.

Lumen Tools: Obsolete Course Proposal Process: A Tableau visualization with the status of courses identified through the Obsolete Course Proposal process; only displays content during the review.

Regular and Substantive Interaction Knowledgebase: Guidance on how-to think about regular and substantive interaction between instructors and students.

Undergraduate Course D/F/Drop Rates: A Tableau visualization with trends articulating the rate of D, F, or course drops after the semester census date.

Writing Student Learning Outcomes: How-to write clear, observable, and measurable learning outcomes.