Obsolete Course Process

The obsolete course process identifies courses that have not been offered with enrollment on campus for at least 6 years and slates them for deactivation to support our compliance in the Higher Learning Commission’s standards (Criterion 2). This process starts annually in the fall, and completes by the course change deadline in February. Subject owners have the opportunity to request a waiver (course change proposal) and/or to offer a course identified via this process with enrollment to retain a course. Courses regularly scheduled/offered on campus (not used as a study abroad or transfer equivalency) with enrollment will not be subject to this policy.

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Discontinuation of Obsolete Courses Policy

Discontinuation of Obsolete Courses Procedures

See the procedures for the obsolete course process for more information.

Course Catalog Visualization: Last Taught

The Course Catalog data visualization (requires campus internet or VPN authentication) provides the last taught for each course in each subject. This tool allows subject owners to see which courses are slated for obsolescence prior to the official deactivation each fall. The subject owner may choose to offer the course to avoid the obsolete course process.

Lumen Tools Visualization: Obsolete Courses

The Lumen Tools data visualization (requires campus internet or VPN authentication) provides daily updates on the obsolete process between October and February. As such, no data will show in the viz outside of this time frame.